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Awesome! We've helped hundreds of others over the last few years, and we can help you too!



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I've helped hundreds of people like you create and launch their courses. Now I'm going deeper than ever with a special group of people who are committed to getting their body of work out through an online course.

The Accelerator is a "do it together" program where we work closely to create and launch your first course.

You'll be in a special group with other high caliber creators, doers and amazing humans who want to create and launch a unique online course that actually changes lives.

You'll be on an accelerated path, with real weekly deadlines and weekly calls with me and hands-on support from our team!

We personally review your materials (copy, sales pages, emails, etc) and giving you feedback on everything from your idea, your unique course delivery and format, your marketing, your launch story, and your unique course environment (the experience of your ideal student).

With my help, you will:

  • Design your 100% unique curriculum (so that your students get great results and creating the course is easy and fun for you) 
  • Discover how to tell your launch story (and what format to tell it in, so that you create the environment for your ideal students to enroll)
  • Design and execute a completely customized launch plan (we'll create something unique to you).
  • Create and launch your online course in 12 weeks. No more excuses. Your unique work is out there in the world changing lives. Our inescapable accountability will kick your butt into action (and give you all the tools and support) and you will do the work.


You need a course creation process that is completely unique to you and your content delivery. You need a launch plan that is customized to your strengths, your story, and your audience. You need to ditch the formulas and get real support.

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✓ You need more support and accountability. You may have even taken other courses, but you haven't taken action!

✓ You already have 1000 email subscribers or a platform of some sort (i.e., social media following, YouTube channel, website, blog, etc.).

✓ You know how to make web pages and have an email list set up. You won't get hung up on creating something like a simple landing page.

✓ You're ready to stop procrastinating and get this course out to the people who desperately need your work.

✓ You're ready to invest in yourself and your business to make this happen sooner, not later.


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Couple things to remember when reading about our client results:

These are our real clients, but specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all incredible people with impressive work ethic who created amazing courses. They worked their butts off and pushed through challenges and struggles. This is not easy. We have not independently verified the results they’ve shared. We take their word for it – but we don’t ask for bank statements. 

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"Thank you so much for everything you teach. You are changing so many people's lives. You helped Clever Programmer turn into a company and even change my friends lives along with so many people out there.  We generated $161,000 in 15 days while I was spending time with my beautiful family in California for my 2-year-old nephew's birthday + Thanksgiving. What started a year ago as a tiny channel with a goal to help people become computer programmers is now a full-fledged startup helping change the lives of millions of people and we are looking to hit a million or 2 in revenue for 2018. In under 11 months, we became a multi 6-figure business."


"Working with Mariah was like having the all so needed tactical and business pieces added to what I had created with my heart. Mariah has the sense and skill to give the most practical and amazing tools to any entrepreneur looking to expand and grow. I love Mariah and recommend her full heartedly."


"The webinars were hard and scary, but they went really well. (I hate tech!) And as you said, they really boosted our sales. The best thing we did was the price increase. Our course was $159 until 10 days in, and then it was $197. We made 200 sales alone on that price jump day. When the cart closed after our 2-week launch, over 600 students had enrolled.  What I'm really excited about is the opportunity to reach so many teachers with something we are passionate about - differentiating reading instruction. We're thrilled to help teachers reach the needs of ALL their students! We are thankful for the hard work you've put into everything you've shared."


“With about 18 hours before enrollment would close, I sent a last chance email to just my VIP and Warm contacts, letting them know it was their last chance to enroll. This is when the last flurry of enrollments happened bringing the total to 293 students. I’m bursting with gratefulness for all you’ve done to help me get where I am.

“I run a website that focuses on teaching overwhelmed moms how to simplify and live better through minimalism. Everything has taken off. My family has made over $200,000 in just a few months from my ONE course, we bought a camper and are currently traveling full time - our dream! I was featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Huff Post, PopSugar, Babble, ABC News, the Jenny McCarthy Show, and so many more majorly influential networks because of my work in my course and on my site - and it really is all because of Mariah and what she taught me!”


“You have literally changed everything about the way I do my business and I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks girl!”


“Just want to say thanks! I pre-launched (without anything made in the course) and launched my first signature course, Food Styling Masterclass (in danish), to a list with 234 subscribers (very niche) and had a $10K launch! No webinars, no affiliates - just list building and value. Seriously, it has changed everything in my business. ”


“We made 375 sales in the pre-sale to a small VIP list, and we haven’t even launched yet! Thank you so much for being willing to share your wisdom and process when it comes to courses.”


“It was really nice to go through each step of the process and really dig deep with each section. I loved having the binder with questions and prompts for each step of the launch to answer. The two days spent with all of you [at the mastermind retreat] helped me to realize my potential.”

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