Anna Geiger Results.png

"The webinars were hard and scary, but they went really well. (I hate tech!) And as you said, they really boosted our sales. The best thing we did was the price increase. Our course was $159 until 10 days in, and then it was $197. We made 200 sales alone on that price jump day. When the cart closed after our 2-week launch, over 600 students had enrolled.  What I'm really excited about is the opportunity to reach so many teachers with something we are passionate about - differentiating reading instruction. We're thrilled to help teachers reach the needs of ALL their students! We are thankful for the hard work you've put into everything you've shared."

 - Anna Geiger,


"I honestly left the mastermind so energized and I’m incredibly glad that I was able to attend. You and your team did such an amazing job on all aspects of it, and the value that I walked away with was better than I imagined.

I really loved the fact that we were doing “real work” throughout the 2 days, and it was great to be able to evaluate various aspects of our launches as we walked through them. Exercises like going through our sales pages were so great, and the small group format worked perfectly to be able to get various opinions and insights. I liked that there was an agenda and a plan but that we were also able to freestyle a little bit and go off on tangents if we had questions, wanted to go down a particular rabbit hole."

Paige Boersma,


"Thank you SO MUCH for all your devoted work and for treating us so well during the retreat. I felt tremendously lucky to be able to spend all that time with you and Megan and have your undivided attention to work on the business and the new course. There were constant breakthroughs and business-changing ideas the whole time, and I feel totally rejuvenated with the direction of my business. It was by far the most helpful part of the experience.

Being able to go through the actual brainstorming and creation with you and Megan was awesome and will help me so much, not only on the percussion course but on future stuff as well."

Rob Knopper,